Celebrate the release of Katie Skelly’s new comic, My Pretty Vampire, at Strand Books with cartoonists Gary Panter and Leslie Stein and Paris Review managing editor Nicole Rudick

My Pretty Vampire tells the story of Clover the vampire, who yearns for the days before she became a creature of the night. She misses excitement, adventure, and the occasional stroll in the sun. Her brother, Marcel, forces her to be a shut-in, claiming that it is to keep her safe from those who would harm her in the outside world. However, just because Clover lacks a soul, doesn’t mean she’s lost her innate curiosity. After she plots her escape, she hopes to have a wild, marvelous and sensual journey befitting of adventurous nature. 

Skelly, Panter, and Stein will discuss growing into and out of your biggest influence in a conversation moderated by Rudick.

This is a ticketed event. More information here.

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