On y loue des chambres en latin Cubicula locanda.
  Je m’en souviens j’y ai passé trois jours et autant à Gouda

A light from the ceiling is swinging outside on Forty-second
Street traffic is zinging
Collaborating on The Construction of Boston is interesting
To construct the city of Boston Tingueley is putting up a big
Of gray sandstone bricks he is dressed in a French ball
Gown he puts the wall up during the performance
His costume is due to art and not to mental disturbance
Now the wall ten feet high is starting to tremble
People seated in the first rows run back for shelter
However the bricks stand firm Niki de St. Phalle dressed as
Shoots at a Venus full of paint with a miniature (but real)
Rauschenberg's rain machine's stuck it gives too much
People look very happy to have gotten out of the theatre
People ask that it be put on again but it can't be done
Tingueley with his hand bleeding says Boston can be
constructed only once
And that is the end of that
Next day the Maidman Theatre stage is Hat
I like the random absurdity of this performance
Done only once with nineteen-sixty-two-and-art romance
I meet Niki four years earlier in France in the spring
Five years before that I am with Janice and Katherine