Tied Shoe

When evening breaks up
its mass of clouds
the grass fire can be seen
raising its smokes
flowers come up in the ravines
a little of the day is left
as a boy in an iron-grey smock
leans toward the ruts in the road
to tie his shoe
with no boredom about life
no trace of absence.

Simple Expectation

Something like lamplight shines
on the face of this man seated
near a naked woman turned to stone.
The gardens are becoming undone
the hillside bearing blackish houses.
Everything adjusts to honor
after the time of love.
He watches the weather’s sepia
then goes by the stoves to wait.

Face The Animal

It is not always easy
to face the animal
even if it looks at you
without uneasiness or hate
it does so fixedly
and seems to disdain
the subtle secret it bears
it seems to feel more strongly
the evidence of the world
that which drills and damages
the soul—day and night
in noise, in silence.

Not Everything Is Spoken

From evening to morning
in this pure place
the animals pass without thought
the trees tremble
the reflecting pool is stagnant
deserts pursue their mirages.
Those of the human race go by.
Not everything is spoken
the most beautiful woman shouts.