1. Three men. Two of them seated. The third, standing with his back turned to the rooms only window, permits his beautiful eyes to stray across an infinite space. His right arm is extended, as if he were saying something, as if there were something he wanted to say.

2. Three men. Two of them standing, the third is seated in the middle of the elegantly furnished interior on an ancient marble capital in the Doric mode, elbows resting on knees, his face in his hands. The other two have approached one another and confer between themselves, either by means of signs or in very low tones.

3. Three men. Two of them are making frantic gestures, as if in the grip of madness. The third approaches the window, and, leaning forward, calmly tries to make out something in the street, which is beyond the viewers range of vision.

4. Three men, seated.

5. Three men, seated. One of them wears a beard and has extraordinarily beautiful eyes.

6. Three men. Two of them exchange greetings while standing, in the attitude of “The Two Friends. The third is in uniform.