GLOUCESTER: There is part of a Power already footed …
                                                                        —King Lear, 3.3.13

Through mildewed windshield of the bridge my France and I can see the cliffs begin to show the more as night approaches. Particulates that dim the glass release what glows to warmer glowing. In-betweens like this we had at every stage, and neither had to tell the other the light falling is rising.

We double-checked the list of things to do. Together made a plan to steer some beaches west of Dover, land in darkness, darkness in that century a toothèd beast that we will yoke, march our men back east and there when he remembered, in the middle of our planning as if planning freed him

to remember something left imperfect like the stove on or the bathroom light which imports so much fear and danger his personal return was most required and necessary. It has been asked, know you no reason the king of France so suddenly is gone back? The matter made explicit,

proxy for my own repeated asking though some assume that France remained in France